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The average person might not know this, but the cake is a complex thing. Even with a flawless recipe, factors ranging from decorating techniques to ingredient temperature can all affect how the cake turns out. In our experience, one of the most important factors in success is a good cake pan. You need one that conducts heat to the batter steadily so the cake can rise even and flat; one that’s large enough to give the batter room to grow, and light enough to keep the crust delicate and thin.

Not Gonna Find a Cake Pan Like That at a Grocery Store

Cakes are arguably the hardest recipe to do in the culinary world, therefore you have to go with experts. Trust us when we say you are not going to find the right cake pan in a shopping mall, at least not pans that will last longer and stay durable through all those bakings. By choosing the right cake pan, you are ensuring that you will not only be creating the coolest cakes but also making them for years to come.

The Shape of Cake to Come

From round to square, everything depends on the event, the setting, the number of people, and the cake decoration, there are several factors to consider when looking for a cake pan. The size of your cake pan is an important factor in how well it works on certain cake recipes. Select the cake pans that are designed according to what kind of cake recipes you’re going to make. For instance, a circular cake pan is best used for making round cakes (duh!).

Also, be sure to choose cake pans that are made of the right materials. Aluminized steel enhances the cake pan’s capacity to conduct heat evenly, thus baking the cake efficiently. Meanwhile, the non-stick coating makes releasing the cake from the cake pan easy. Avoid substandard materials that can ruin the appearance of the cake, especially those that aren’t made of non-stick materials.

A Piece of Cake

With the best cake pans at your disposal, making a high-quality cake is easy. At Last Confection, our assortment of cake pans are strong, long-lasting, and non-stick, which makes them perfect for the at-home baker, or the commercial connoisseur.

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