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Stainless Steel Work Table

Work tables are vital to any kitchen. From prepping ingredients to plating finished dishes, a sufficient workspace will make all the difference in the overall efficiency of your kitchen. Stainless Steel work/prep tables are designed to provide a durable workspace with ample storage. Our work tables will help create a clean and productive food prep area in your kitchen.

Center of the Culinary Kingdom

Work tables are perhaps some of the most overlooked pieces of equipment, but they are maybe the most important. From dicing up meat and veggies to kneading dough for a pot pie, cake or other baked items, a stainless steel work table is a vital item to whatever it is you are creating in the kitchen. Think about it, work tables are the most used surface item in the culinary world.

Heavy Duty

Because kitchen work tables regularly absorb a great deal of punishment through the years, it is therefore not surprising that most units are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel. Stainless steel is also a growing trend in home kitchens because, for the same reasons they are used in commercial kitchens, they are easy to clean, sharp, and durable.

Whether you are using a commercial work table for your business or residence, you will find this item to be the most used in the kitchen, because they are easy to clean and limit contamination. They can hold light countertop equipment like toasters, food warmers, and dispensers.

Reserve a Table

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it, the most popular and efficient tops for commercial work tables are stainless steel. At Last Confection, we also carry stainless steel work tables with shelves above or underneath, and the choice of backsplash, casters, and more options. Give us a call and we can find the table that works for your top needs.

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