8″ x 3″ Deep Round Aluminum Cheesecake Pan Baking Tin – Professional Bakeware

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  • SUPERIOR HEAT DISTRIBUTION: The extra thick, seamless even-wall construction of this?professional-grade?cake?pan creates superb heat distribution?to ensure?even baking?temperatures.?Free of extra metals, welds and chemical coatings,?this?pan cools quickly?so you can?enjoy delicious and flawless results every time you bake.
  • EASY CAKE RELEASE: Featuring a removable bottom, our unique?push?pan makes cake release simple and fuss-free. Simply push the bottom?up?to?’de-pan’?your dessert; no need to?scrape around the edges or?flip?your?cake?upside down for removal.?Our cheesecake pan is perfect for?those delicate?desserts?where?you desire the?top to preserve its beauty.?
  • NON-REACTIVE ANODIZED ALUMINUM: Anodizing creates a durable and safe finish which prevents corrosion and discoloration, plus protects the flavor of your baked goods.?The non-reactive finish allows you to bake?a wider variety of desserts, even those which?contain?citrus?ingredients,?without?worrying about?cross-contamination.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: The durable, non-reactive finish?and rolled edges?allow this pan to be used for a variety of recipes beyond?just?cheesecake. Enjoy?ice?cream?cakes, casseroles,?deep dish?pizza, gelatin desserts,?tiramisu?and?so many?more?sinful and savory recipes.?The bottom?of this versatile cake pan?also performs double duty as a serving tray for?the?ideal presentation?of your?beautifully baked?creation.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Forget about scrubbing baked-on batter and food. Save time and effort with this pan that cleans easily and quickly with warm water and mild dish detergent.?

Bake award-winning cheesecake with this anodized aluminum pan featuring a removable bottom panel from Last Confection. This professional-grade round pan is every baker?s dream, anodized for ultimate safety, durability?and performance. Anodizing creates a nonreactive surface which prevents any discoloration and protects the divine flavor of your baked indulgences.?Anodized aluminum is perfect for sweet and sinful cake batters containing acidic ingredients such as vinegar, lemon juice, chocolate, buttermilk, coffee, brown sugar, fruits, and vegetables.

The straight-sided, seamless and even-wall design allows your baked goods to reach the desired baking temperature faster, ensuring the cake is evenly baked. Free from extra metals, welds and chemical coatings, this cheesecake pan cools quickly. Your baked goods will stop baking when removed from the oven allowing you to enjoy perfectly pleasurable results every time!

Featuring a removable bottom tray, our unique pan makes cake release simple and fuss-free. Simply push the bottom up to release. You will no longer need to scrape around the edges or flip your cake upside down when removing your delicate desserts. Preserve the beauty of your divine creations by serving them on the removable tray of this versatile cake pan.

Last Confection is your trusted source for professional-grade kitchen bakeware, supplies and accessories that provide long lasting quality at an exceptional value.


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